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Dogs 4 Lives
Dogs 4 Lives
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Psychiatric Dogs

Here at Dogs 4 Lives we are committed to providing dogs for individuals with emotional and psychiatric needs. We understand that each person has different needs in a psychiatric service dog. Unlike other agencies, we don't have families choose from a list of tasks their dog will be trained to perform, like ordering fast food.

We have a Clinical Psychologist on staff that is personally involved in the care of every client for a psychiatric service dog, every step of the way. Other agencies either have no mental health professionals at all, or a token name that is "consulted" at some unknown
time in the history of the company. Our Psychologist talks to each individual and their mental health providers to determine the ideal dog for them. The Psychologist and our trainers will work together with you to create a training program and service dog specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

Whether you struggle with anxiety, trauma or social withdrawal, or any other condition, we create a training program specifically for you, and provide you with a service dog that will assist with your disability and specific needs.

After your service dog comes home we will stay with you and help you. You receive ongoing assistance and enrichment from our team.We will work with you and your mental health providers as a team. Our end goal is to provide you with a service dog that not only helps with current functioning, but can also assist you in making strides
towards improving your disability.

We have seen children with Autism show improved touch sensitivity,
sounder sleep, and better social interactions with peers. We provide continued support via exclusive
correspondence from our psychologist and trainers after your service dog comes home, and we will work hard in providing you with training and exercise materials and programs you can use to help your service dog be the  best it can be.
Diabetic Dogs

Dogs 4 Lives offers specially trained diabetic/hypoglycemic dogs for those suffering from a blood sugar condition.

Blood sugar testing only alerts a person to a problem after they have run the test. Many people with poorly controlled or "brittle" diabetes/hypoglycemia don't test as often as they should in order to
appropriately monitor their blood sugar.

Our goal is to provide a dog that can alert you of blood sugar changes, so that testing and management can then be done. A Whippet's natural desire to be close to it's owner makes them particularly suited for a diabetic service dog. Their calm, gentle nature make
them welcome in a variety of school, work and public environments.

Each dog is specifically trained to identify their future owner's blood sugar highs and lows, and to alert.

Here at Dogs 4 Lives we can customize your diabetic service dog to alert you based on your individual needs and preferences. For instance, your future dog could alert you to blood sugar changes via: a nose poke, bark, bell ring, or touch/tug on a specific item (such as a clip-on heart that attaches to a backpack, belt or wheelchair).

A diabetic service dog can be a valuable aid in blood sugar maintenance, and potentially reduce the number of finger sticks needed for monitoring. The diabetic service dog is especially helpful for diabetic children and others who have poor internal
triggers that a crisis is happening.

However, please understand that no diabetic service dog can be liable for a human's safety. The diabetic service dog should only be onsidered an additional assistance in a person's overall health plan.

All our Whippets are  exposed to and used to being around other animals.
Companion Dogs

Dogs4Lives proudly offers companion dogs for special families.

All our Whippets come from long lines of champions from Europe, and their pedigrees can be traced to the early 1900's. This assures not just the beauty and elegance of all of our dogs, but also consistency in temperament, nature and other breed specific qualities. We carefully test every dog in our program to assure that we only offer the best of the best.  Compared to other trained companion breeds of whose bloodlines consist of two or more breeds, our Whippets are purebred and carefully selected for this program. We can proudly say that our companion Whippets turn heads everywhere they go, and they are fully trained to behave their best at home and in public.

In this day and age, many successful families do not have the time or knowledge to house- and obedience train a companion dog. Our specially trained dogs provide you with all the joys of companionship
without the trouble of stains on carpets and chewed furniture.

For those seeking a well trained companion we offer older puppies that are house- and obedience trained. Our companion dogs are well socialized, and used to a variety of different situations.

A Whippet is the perfect breed for an active family.You can take a well trained Whippet everywhere with you, whether you enjoy jogging, bicycling, or just relaxing at the beach.

A Whippet's coat is short but exceptionally soft and silky. Their coats are naturally clean, low allergy and almost maintenance free, leaving you time for other pursuits than grooming. The beauty and elegance of a Whippet draws attention everywhere you go. Many also enjoy the novelty of owning a rarer breed.
A Whippet's beauty and elegance draw attention where ever they go. Their calm and easygoing temperament make them the perfect breed to take along anywhere you go. They are low maintenance, requiring almost no grooming, making them the perfect companion for busy families.