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Whippet, as a breed, is quite rare in the United States, even though it is an old, well established breed. If you visit a museum, you might see a painting of an aristocrat with a Whippet laying at his feet. In the early days, Whippets were common in courts and in the homes of rich and wealthy. Due to its elegance and calm and relaxed nature, it is one of the easiest breeds to have whether you live in the city or in the countryside. Whippets are very affectionate and loving, which makes them an ideal breed for families with children.

In the past, Whippets have been used as service dogs in many roles; hospice, in courts assisting child witnesses, and many more. Due to its small size and calmness, it doesn't intimidate even the smallest children, and it can be handled quite easily by children.

We at Dogs 4 Lives have trained and placed Whippets in many different families, from autistic to PTSD and other mental disorders, and we have received very good results.
Due to their small size and calm temperament, Whippets make ideal therapy dogs for many families
Dogs 4 Lives has a Clinical Psychologist onboard, who, together with the trainers develops a unique training program for each individual recipient, based on that family's unique needs. She works together with therapists and other health care providers, and develops therapeutic exercises for each recipient. Our goal is not just to provide you with a trained service dog. We work hard to help you by providing continuous support and therapeutic exercises that are custom-tailored for your specific condition and symptoms. Our goal is to help you get better.
Whippet is an athletic breed and needs regular exercise. That can be given easily in a dog park in free play with other dogs, or in a 15-minute ball game. What ever the activity is, you can always count on your Whippet to be ready to play!
In our training program, the puppies are exposed to different animals and situations from early on.
Many service dog training organizations use shelter dogs and train them. Why did we choose only to work with Whippets?
All Whippets in our training program are born right here in our facility. Their parents are chosen carefully for their temperament, intelligence and other qualities.
Our training program includes a lot of free play time for the puppies.
Many shelter dogs have qualities that make them good service dogs, but not all. Without knowing which breeds are in a certain dog's bloodlines, it is impossible to predict the dog's temperament and behavior later on accurately enough for years long placement as a service dog. There also can be genetic or other illnesses that are not detectable in young dogs by the age they are placed in their families.

With purebred Whippets, we can follow the bloodlines up to the early 1900's. Every dog in our program is an excellent representative of its breed. The temperament and qualities in the breed are present, and there are rarely surprises that come up in behavior or health later on from  unknown breeds. We chose this breed specifically for its temperament and easygoing yet alert nature. We strongly feel that predicting a mixed breed dog's health, possible genetic disorders, behavior and temperament as the dog grows older is impossible, and we do not want to spend months and months in training a dog, placing it in the recipient family just to find out later that the dog was not the best possible fit, and cause a terrible disappointment to the recipient family.
As a part of the training program, the puppies are exposed to different animals, traffic, and other conditions.
Our puppies are handled by adults and children. They are used to getting instruction from different people throughout the training program.
Its not all just hard work and training. Our Whippets are also trained to play and they enjoy it very much.
All of our puppies are tested carefully to find the ones that are a good fit for the training program.
The puppies are handled from early on.