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Dogs 4 Lives
Dogs 4 Lives
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Welcome to Dogs 4 Lives

Our mission is to encourage and empower  people with special needs through our custom service dog, therapy dog, emotional support dog and companion dog training program.
All dogs in our service dog training program are tested numerous times, and
 meet or exceed the minimum standards set forth by Assistance Dogs International.
Our puppies receive a basic training in accordance to American Kennel Club's standards for Urban Canine Good Citizen certification requirements. Once the basic training is completed, a training plan is custom-created for each person with special needs that has been approved to receive a service or therapy dog from our program. We have a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience  in working with people with PTSD, Autism and many other conditions in our training team, and she, together with our trainers creates a  unique training plan specifically for each puppy, taking into account the specific needs of the recepient. Every service dog we train learns different skills based on what the recepient's needs are.
Dogs graduating from our service dog training are tested and meet or exceed the Amercan Kennel Club's Urban Canine Good Citizen training and testing standards as set  forth by AKC UCGC
Once approved to receive a service or emotional support dog from our program, we invite you and your family to commit into taking part in the training through interviews and continuous communication with trainers and psychologist to assure that your dog will be trained to best assist you in your specific needs. You will be a team with your service dog or therapy dog from day one, and we do our best to understand your specific needs, and we are committed to train you the best possible team member.
Our mission is to facilitate specialized training and education, and to change lives through the best possible service or therapy dog for your unique situation and needs.
The dogs in our service dog program are all born right here in our facilities. Each parent is carefully evaluated, with attention to temperament to assure that we produce the best possible puppies for our training program. All puppies are evaluated and tested carefully before chosen to the training program.
Before you apply for a service or therapy dog, we want you to understand that this is a marathon. It will take time and commitment from you and your family to help us train the dog you need, and even more, once you are paired with your puppy, it will be a commitment through the lifetime of your dog to continue the training through our custom-made program. We will not leave you alone with your dog. We will provide continuous material and training exercises so that you and your dog, as a team, can be the best possible unit.
The puppies are tested and evaluated for their temperament, intelligence and drive, and the puppies that make it into our service dog training program start basic obedience training at 12 weeks. By that time, we assign the recepient family for each specific puppy, and by the time the puppy graduates from the basic obedience training, our professionals will have tailored a detailed training program for that puppy, based on the specific needs of the recepient.
The puppies in our center enjoy a lot of free play time, and are not kept in cages and runs. This ensures a natural puppyhood, and helps raise good, well socialized service dogs.